Best Places to Visit in Dapoli

Best Places to Visit in Dapoli

Best Places to Visit in Dapoli

Best Places to Visit in Dapoli A number of activities are planned in Dapoli to double the holiday enjoyment. You will find water sports and ancient forts, beautiful beaches, temples, caves. In Dapoli you will find many new types of food. In Dapoli you can taste authentic Konkani food. Dapoli is not only famous for its meals. In addition, Dapoli has many unforgettable activities, including water sports and dolphin watching.

Play in ancient waters or visit ancient temples, there are many things. Dolphin riding is one of the most popular activities in Dapoli, the best time for a boat trip is in the morning. Water sports are available on all the beaches in Dapoli. Please read and explore the full list of things to do on this Indian road.

Ladghar Beach

Ladghar Beach is about 8 km from Dapoli, if you can do it, it is a 5 minute walk for you. The cleanliness of the beach gives you a different kind of pleasure by pleasing your mind and the sunset on the high seas is magnificent. Part of the beach is covered with silica and colorful rocks, making the beach a paradise. the woodland retreat is a famous resort that offers great views of the sea from your cottages and great food.

Harnai Port

In Harnai port, Suvanadurugu and Kanakuduru are two forts that have stood tall for many years. Kandurg is the two forts of Swandurgucha, the land fort and the sea fort. The main feature of Harnai Port is that it is the largest fish supplier in India. Hundreds of fishing boats are loaded with fish at this port and it is auctioned twice a day by the locals at the port, one at 9 am. And four in the afternoon. Tourists also gather to participate in the sale to participate in the second auction at. If you are looking for a Best Places to Visit in Dapoli then definitely visit here once.

Murud Beach

Murud Beach is known as one of the vast black sand beaches in Dapoli. It has navy blue water which is spread over about 2 kms on the shore. It is known as one of the most famous beaches in Maharashtra. And is one of Ariva’s most popular tours. The setting sun here is magnificent, with the forts of Janjira and Padmadurga forts attached to the island. There is a water sports facility on Murud Beach, where dolphins can be seen.

Panhalekaji Caves

Panhalekaji Caves is a chain of caves in Maharashtra. These caves are on the edge of Kotjai village. These are ancient artificial caves made by hand over 1000 years ago. Twenty-nine rock caves of various sizes are distributed along the river. The valley was surrounded by deep forests and rivers. The cave has Hindu and Buddhist sculptures, caves and idols

Unhavare Village

In Unhavare village is about 20 km from Dapoli, so the roads here are short, so it may take you a little longer than usual. Located in the middle of a valley near a river valley covered with mountains, forests and fields, it is known as a natural hot spring. Water from natural hot springs rises from the ground and is cooled by river winds. The people here believe that hot spring water is different and contains sulfur content and it is known as therapeutic. This water can cure skin problems. If you are looking for a Best Places to Visit in Dapoli then definitely visit here once.

Kadyavarcha Ganapati Temple

There is a well-known Kadyavarcha Ganapati temple in Anjarle village, this temple was built about 150 years ago. This temple is built entirely on rock. That is why this temple is so famous. Therefore, this temple is known as ‘Kadyavarcha Ganapati’. This temple attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year and is made of wooden pillars. So this is the main attraction in Dapoli

Parashuram Bhoomi

Parashuram land is situated at a distance of 11 km from Dapoli. Here is a huge idol of Parashurama, about 12 meters (40 feet) in diameter, 3.5 meters (21 feet) in diameter. The place is also famous for the Red Sea water and hence the locals call this place Red Sea Point. There is a proper meditation room for photography.

Durga Devi Temple

In the 14th-15th century, a seer came from Saurashtra and established a settlement here. That settlement included people of all castes and creeds. The village was built by intellectuals and hard working class people. The village prospered as the villagers lived in harmony and understanding. In this age of prosperity, the need for a religious place arose and hence the Durga Devi temple was established during this period. There is no other temple in the region that can compare with the beauty of this Durga temple.

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