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Best Resort in Dapoli: It is always a pleasure to wander in the scenic Konkan in any season. But the king of fruits, mango, as well as locusts, cashews, caraway fruit table can be experienced only in summer.

Best Resot in Dapoli

Tourists have always loved the scenic beaches, winding roads and Beautiful Temples of Konkan. Along with all the natural resources like “Best Resort in Dapoli”.

there are many natural scattered places in Konkan. You may have seen man-made carvings on the sand in the Konkan before. Besides, there are many Natural Places in Konkan.

Everyone should look at this closely. Konkan said that even today high green mountains, rivers, creeks and endless seas are standing in front of everyone! It is a beautiful dream of greenery that adds various elements to the beauty of Konkan and Konkan during the rainy season passing through Ghat Road! Due to consecutive holidays, tourists from different parts of the state have now arrived in Konkan.

Summer vacation and Konkan have a very close relationship. In summer, you can experience the most beautiful Konkan; But the nature wonders hidden here can double the fun of your wanderlust. So, in this year’s Konkan wandering, there is no problem in having this experience by waiting for a while.

The summer heat and humidity in Maharashtra is unbearable, but the hill stations in Maharashtra are even more amazing. It also welcomes you with incredible landscapes created everywhere in cold weather. The Hill Stations in Maharashtra, especially in Konkan, are a treat for the senses.

The Hill Stations of Maharashtra are the best place to visit the Konkan coast due to its scenic beauty and amazing temperature. Most of the people believe that this Hill Station in Konkan is meant to be protected from the scorching heat of summer across the country. Here are some places that will surprise and dazzle you.

The History of Historical Dapoli.

Dapoli is a coastal Hill Station in Ratnagiri district. It is just 215 km south of Mumbai, the capital of the state of Maharashtra. Dapoli is also known as Camp Dapoli because the British camped at Dapoli. The tombs of many high-ranking British officials have been found in the city. The city has also had an abandoned church since British times.

Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Agricultural University is the largest agricultural university in India located in Dapoli. Dapoli is administered by the Dapoli Municipal Council.

When you think of the “Best Resort in Dapoli” you think of the magnificent resorts with all the amenities you can imagine. At every stage, there are excellent dining restaurants, pleasing atmosphere, and the beaches are behind each other.

Dapoli is one of the favorite Tourist Destinations in Maharashtra, but resorts have proved to be an important destination for the tourism sector. There will be well-equipped rooms, impeccable service and staff who will meet all your needs.

It is a bit difficult to decide which is the “Best Resort in Dapoli”  But we have the right information for you. I am going to tell you which is the “Best Resort in Dapoli” and I will not only tell you but also share my experience with you.

Best Resort In Dapoli, But Why?

The name of  “Best Resort in Dapoli” I am going to talk about is “The Woodland Retreat”  The resort is located 25 km from Dapoli town in Ratnagiri district. Is at a distance. The resort promises a weekend getaway with new facilities and breathtaking views of the valley.

Also 8 rooms here are of good quality. The rooms are also equipped with a double bed, wardrobe, dressing table, hot and cold running water and cable TV. The resort offers a variety of indoor and outdoor games.

Speaking of dining at the resort, I remembered that meal that would not leave my mouth without water. It also explains why there is Carde Beach right next to the resort and there is an auction of sea fish every evening on that beach.

There are so many different kinds of fish to see and you can buy them at a very low price and you can cook the fish the way you want from the resort. But I think it would be great if you could cook and eat their Konkani style fish.

“The Woodland Retreat” is where customers want it and where they like it. Because all the Famous Beaches in Konkan and historical sites in Dapoli are just a short distance from this resort. Such as Carde Beach, Keshavraj Temple etc. In my opinion this is the “Best Resort in Dapoli”

Karade Beach

In my opinion, “Karande Beach”  is the most Beautiful Beach in Maharashtra. The variety of experiences you get here gives you thousands of reasons to stay here. Maybe the whole holiday! Every tourist and traveler should spend here, because only here you will find the peace and pollution free environment.

Harne Beach

“Harne Beach” is in Dapoli taluka and is in Ratnagiri district. Harne village is also known as a port as it is close to the beach. There is an easy way to reach Dapoli by car from Mahad and Khed in Konkan. About 16 km from Dapoli. In the distance is Herne Beach.

Murud Beach

After traveling through the mountains near Anjarle Bay, you are greeted by the  “Murud Beach”  below. The shores of Murud, lost to white seabirds, are also famous for their dolphins. Swarms of white seagulls flutter in the sky against the backdrop of rippling waves.

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