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Dapoli is a coastal hill station in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. Mumbai to Dapoli distance is 215 km, the capital of Maharashtra. Dapoli is famous for beaches. 

There are a list of famous dapoli beaches:

  1. Karde Beach
  2. Harnai Beach
  3. Murud Beach
  4. Saldure beach
  5. Ladghar Beach

Dapoli has a unique identity as Camp Dapoli. The main reason for this is that Dapoli is known as Camp Dapoli as the British camped at Dapoli.

The tombs of many high-ranking British officials have been found in the village.

The city has also had an abandoned historic church since the time of the British kings.

Balasaheb Sawant Konkan dapoli agriculture university, the largest agricultural university in India, is located in Dapoli. 

There are many unique and fascinating places to visit in dapoli. If you plan a holiday and want to make this holiday unforgettable, then definitely visit here once.

Since Dapoli is a coastal city, most beaches can’t get started without spending a few days.

The beaches of Dapoli are captivating and unforgettable. These include Karade Beach with golden sand, Red Pebbled Ladghar Beach and even Murud Beach with black sand.

Dapoli has also received several historical gifts, including ancient forts and unique temples.

The natural beauty of the rivers, mountains and forests and the pleasing scenery can be seen only here, and the small villages of this place are also captivating.

Karde Beach


“Dapoli karde beach” is one of the most popular destinations in Dapoli.

The view of the beach, which stretches for four kilometers, and the soft and silky sands and the rays of the sun falling on it, were something different and pleasing.

Karde beach dapoli is also rich in various trees and plants.

This place is very beautiful but solitary. However, The woodland Retreat near Karde Beach is a very pleasant place to stay with family.

I just had a taste of those delicious foods, the taste of the food there was never to be forgotten.

Karde dapoli  is so calm and soothing that there is no tension after visiting the place. If you are planning your summer vacation, I would definitely recommend visiting this place once.

Here are the names of dapoli karde beach resorts to make your stay easier for your picnic.

 “The Woodland Retreat” is One Of the famous karde beach resort dapoli

Harnai Beach

Best Beaches in Dapoli

Harnai Beach is the most popular beach in Dapoli. Suvarnadurg fort stands tall on the northern horizon. At the same time, to the south is a golden sandy beach that symbolizes the beauty of nature.


The sandy beach leads to Carte and further south. Another popular attraction on Harnai Beach is the many different types of fish auctions held at Harnai Fishing Harbor every evening at this beach. And that too for very little money.


There are two more beaches near ‘Murud Beach’ called ‘Kashid’ and ‘Nandgaon’. But I have put them on my bucket list for the future. I dined at the woodland retreat in the same place. Thinking about it makes me want to go back to that incredible moment. The food there is very different.

Harnai fort is also a major attraction in the area. On the south side of Harnai fort is Murud’s Palm-Fringe Beach, famous for its clean white sand and safe water. Panhale is at a distance of 0 km from Qazi Murud-Harnai. In the distance is a rock-cut monument.

Murud Beach


After the card sale, now is the time to go to Murud Beach. This beach is near the district headquarters of Raigad. This beach has a special feature. There are palm trees on this beach that make the mind happy and soothe the mind. If anyone asks me which is your favorite beach in India, my answer would be Murud Beach. Because after reaching Murud Beach, I felt very happy and energetic.


If you like to see new places like mine, you should definitely visit Murud Beach.

You can choose this beach to experience the trip with friends and family. If we talk about the weather, the weather there is warm and the humidity is above average. However, cold sea air cools the temperature. If you are looking for a quiet “Best Beach in Dapoli” then I would definitely suggest Murud Beach.


On Murud Beach you will find Olive Ridley with a variety of birds. If you are a nature lover and bird lover like me, this place will be amazing. We clicked a lot of fantastic pictures here because there is immense beauty near the beach and that’s in that picture


Ladghar Beach


The next famous place in Dapoli is Ladghar Beach. Just 6 km from Carde Beach. I Is at a distance. Ladghar in Ratnagiri is an adventure water sport.

Every season, sports enthusiasts flock to Dapoli to experience the thrilling adventures held on this beach. Playing with banana rides, water scooters and powerboats with loud but alert sea waves gives one a seductive adrenaline rush.


Water scooters can be rented on this beach at very low prices. Ladghar Beach is also famous for parasailing. There are plenty of water sports and adventure riders for water.


This beach is so quiet and pleasant. This is a perfect place to spend some time with family and friends. Away from city, traffic, pollution; This place makes you realize how beautiful nature is.


Ladghar Beach is a quiet attraction that is popular for its beaches, water sports, boating, especially dolphins and orange nights. Since most of the coastline is red in the shade, the best beach is otherwise called Tamas Tirtha. This attraction is also of great importance as it is an ancient Shiva Sanctuary and Datta Sanctuary.

Saldure/Palande Beach


Palande Beach is located between Murud and Harnai Beach. Palande Beach is also known as Saldure Beach. Anjanale village bypass road a few km from Harnai. In the distance is the beach.


Palande Beach offers numerous attractions to our tourists. These beaches have clear white sandy waters. This beach offers a variety of outdoor activities. Passengers on this beach will get numerous admirable tourist points. Palande Beach usually enjoys cool temperatures with pleasant summers and cool winters. Palande Beach has a moderate climate with annual rainfall. Rainfall can also be seen on this beach which also causes humidity and high sea tides.

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