Famous Dapoli Beach

Famous Dapoli Beach

List of Dapoli Beaches

Karde Beach


“Famous Dapoli Beach” Towards the North of Dapoli lies the wonderful Karde Beach, the tranquility of the beach merits encountering. The beach is great four kilometers in the length of a wonderful combination of silver and dark sand that stretches out to Burundi through Ladghar to its South and Murud, Harnai to its North. You can appreciate Dolphin rides on Karde beach and will want to observe Dolphin swimming alongside the boat during the ride. There are many water sports for the experience searchers to look over here at Karde Beach.

Murud Beach


Not to be mistaken for Murud-Janjira Beach close to Alibaug, Murud Beach is situated in Murud Village in the Dapoli Taluka of Ratnagiri District. One of the many beaches in Dapoli. Murud beach is known for the dolphin rides in the first part of the day and the different water sports. You will want to see these magical animals swimming close by your boat, and if you are fortunate, you will see them leaping out of the water. For water infants, you can likewise. I appreciate parasailing, fly skiing, guard rides, banana rides, and a lot more such water sports for your enjoyment.

Kolthare Beach


One of the cleanest beaches in the nation is Kolthare Beach, which is around 20 km from Dapoli. Individuals who have visited this beach can’t quit going wild over about how perfect the beach is as very few individuals know about this secret pearl on the inside of Dapoli. As Kolthare beach is a non-business, the beach is pristine, making it an optimal spot to have a tranquil spot to invest energy. At Kolthare beach you will see the excellent place where stream Panchanadi is meeting the Arabian Sea. You can either go for a walk with your friends and family, play with your gathering of companions while you are here or book a homestay by Kolthare beach to unwind and revive your spirits.

Ladhghar Beach


Ladghar Beach is around 6 km away from Karde beach is one of the notable beaches in Dapoli. Red rocks are spread all around the Ladghar beach, and locally it is otherwise called Tamastirth, because of two reasons one being the plenty of shades of orange and red that the ocean changes into during the evening and as the water of the ocean here becomes red for some timeframe in a year. You can partake in some water sports here at Ladghar beach to extinguish your daring streak.

Anjarle Beach


Around 24 km from Dapoli lies the pleasant area of Anjarle beach covered with white sand and flanked by palm trees and other vegetation. Anjarle beach is known for moderating the Olive Ridley Turtles whose eggs are tracked down broadly on this beach. One ought not to miss the turtle celebration that occurs from February to May wherein you will want to see the turtle incubating. The immaculateness existing apart from everything else when the child turtles emerge from the egg and go towards the ocean is unbelievable.

Palande Beach


Palande Beach is found around 10 km from Dapoli towards Harnai and lies between Harnai Beach and Murud Beach. The street towards the beach is available and thus simple to track down the beach. Palande Beach is one more secret fortune of beaches in Dapoli, immaculate and unpolluted. The water is spotless and safe, and you can partake in a decent swim in the ocean with next to no concern.

Harnai Beach


Fish sweethearts ought not to miss visiting Harnai Beach in Dapoli as you can observe the greatest and the biggest fish market of Maharashtra on this beach. Individuals from everywhere put, from huge eateries to the side of the road, food slows down to local people, come here and purchase new catch according to their necessities. You can repurchase fish and take it home to cook according to your inclination. The anglers carry their catch to Harnai beach double a day once in the first part of the day at eight and next in the evening at 4. You will have an alternate encounter seeing the rushing about of this fish market.

Kelshi Beach


Roughly 35 km from Dapoli Village you will observe a peaceful, immaculate virgin Kelshi beach. Very few guests come to this beach; henceforth, you will track down nature at its best here. The beach is 3 km long where you will track down thick woods and forests of Kewda, Cyprus, Coconut, and Betelnut along the beach. You will likewise observe shells, stashes of cowrie spread across the beach to gather. The beach is honored with picturesque magnificence, a great spot to do an excellent photo shoot.

Savane Beach


Perhaps the best thing about Dapoli beaches is that there are numerous immaculate beaches and non-business, which makes the visits to these beaches more beneficial. One such beach. One such beach is Savane Beach which is roughly 25 km from Dapoli. As it is an isolated beach, very few individuals, eateries, and peddlers are there nearby, consequently, it is prudent to convey your food if you want to visit this beach. You can invest some calm energy here with your friends and family. Many gatherings sort out for the time being enjoying nature here at the beach you can book your tent here and make your visit here critical right next to the beach.

Dapoli Beach Near Pune


It is an extraordinary encounter to pass through the wandering course of lavish green Sahyadri mountain ranges. There are various ways by which you can arrive at Dapoli from Pune assuming that you choose to go in your private vehicle. There are three routes to reach Dapoli.

  • Via Tamhini Ghat
  • Via Bhor
  • Via Mahabaleshwar

Dapoli Beach Name


A little beautiful town in the Ratnagiri region of Maharashtra, Dapoli was once a tactical camp for the British. This port city draws in vacationers from everywhere in the world with its immaculate beaches, recorded landmarks, Konkan luxuries, exciting water sports, and then some.

  • What’s in store: Cool climate with very little dampness. The wonderful breeze blows in the early mornings and late nights.
  • Things You’ll Love: Indulging in recreation strolls, touring, picnics, beach visits, dolphin watching, water exercises, and appreciating occasional celebrations.
  1. The Fern Samali Resort
  2. Exotica Suvarna Samudra
  3. Comfort Inn Emerald
  4. Sylvan Greens Resort
  5. Pride Chira Meadows Ecoresort & Wellness Spa
  6. Om Shanti Beach Resort
  7. Hill Sea Hotel
  8. The Mango Inn
  9. Surali Sagar Beach Resort
  10. Sahil Inn

Dapoli Beach From Mumbai


It is situated 215 km away from Mumbai, Dapoli houses one of the biggest rural colleges in India – Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth. It was utilized by the British to set up their camps and is, subsequently, otherwise called Camp Dapoli.

  • Via Air: Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai is the nearest air terminal to Dapoli. It is a good way of 230 km from Dapoli. A taxi will assist you with getting to Dapoli from Mumbai.
  • Via Train: The railhead at Khed is the nearest rail line station to Dapoli. It is a good way of 29 km from Dapoli.
  • Via Road: There are two courses to arrive at Dapoli from Mumbai. They are:

Way 1

Mumbai – Rasayani – Kolad – Mangaon – Dapoli through Bangalore-Mumbai Highway/Mumbai Highway/Mumbai-Pandharpur Road/Mumbai-Pune Highway. This covers a distance of 225 km and takes 4 h 48 min to reach.

Way 2

Mumbai – Thane – Rasayani – Mangaon – Dapoli using NH 66. This covers a distance of 268 km and takes 6 h 45 min to hit Dapoli.

Dapoli Beach Reviews


Dapoli is a little taluka place situated in the Ratnagiri locale. The most intriguing thing you can insight into Dapoli is its alleviating climate consistently. The lovely seashores are simply close to Dapoli where one can appreciate water sports, rides, and so forth Dapoli is notable for its profound worth, places like Parshuram and Keshav raj temple have been expanding the look of Dapoli. Momentarily, one can encounter the perfect air, great wellbeing, and the wonderful culture of Konkan in Dapoli.

Dapoli Beach Water Sports


Water sports are perhaps the best thing to do in Dapoli. Individuals can appreciate different water sports, for example, stream ski rides, banana rides, guard rides, and parasailing. Other than that, the Palande ocean side is additionally ideal to go for a stroll on the delicate white sand or respect the nightfall with your friends and family.

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